2 Conratulations to Ulrika and Joy (Riverbreeze Blaze Of Joy) for 1 prize today at Toller Field Trail Kennel Riverbreeze


2022-07-24 Congratulations to Jan-Inge and Baloo (J SE VCH RLD-N RLD-F Riverbreeze Buzzy Baloo) that today came at third place at the Swedish championship in game tracking!
2022-07-14 New photos of Dixie (Riverbreeze Touch Of Mint)
2022-05-07 Congratulations to Baloo and Jan-Inge for prize Excellent in Toller Field Trail Open class today!
2022-02-26 Congratulations to Iren and Enya (Riverbreeze Touch Of Lime) for the new titel RLDN!
2022-02-14 The puppies in litter 13 have got own pages
2021-12-05 Congratulations to both Koda (Riverbreeze Touch Of Cinnamon) and  Milo (Riverbreeze Smoooth Hunter) that both have been approved on Eucalyptus Nosework. 
2021-11-03 New photos of Svea
2021-09-19 Congratulations to Pim (Riverbreeze Touch Of Pimento) for HP and BOB puppy
And to Midas (SE(u)CH SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Fire) for another BOB and now show champion SE(u)CH
2021-09-15 Congratultions to Moxii (Riverbreeze Buzzy Belle) for her third 1 prize and the champion titel SE VCH!
Have also updated with some new photos of Enya (Riverbreeze Touch Of Lime)
2021-08-24 Congratulations to Moxii (Riverbreeze Buzzy Belle) & Malinfor 1 prize Open Class Gametracking,and to Sia (Riverbreeze Smoothie Hope) & Jenny for winner of Hoppklass 2 Agility and
Midas (SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Fire) for winning BOB with CAC,CACIB and qualified to Crufts.
2021-08-10 Congratulations to Baloo and Jan-Inge for 1 prize in Toller Field Trail at the Toller specialty. also second in the competion Junior Toller master. He won the Toller field and was 5 in show. So he was only 1 point from winning the titel!
2021-05-13 Congratulations to Baloo and Jan-Inge for 1 prize in Toller Field Trail today!
2021.04-17 New results (conformation) for Baloo and Scottie
2021-04-04 New photos of Pim (Riverbreeze Pimento)
2021_02-09 The puppies have got their own pages
2020-11-15 New photos of Cava (Riverbreeze Buzzy Bean)
2020-11-06 New photos of Scotie (Riverbreeze Buzzy Boss)
2020-10-06 Cash, (Riverbreeze Smoooth Cash) is now tested free for JADD!
Conratulations also to Sia (Riverbreeze Smoothie Hope) and Jenny that again won the Agility class
2020-09-14 Conratulations to Baloo and Jan-Inge for being approved in game tracking Aptitude class on Baloo´s 9 months day!
Conratulations also to Sia and Jenny that won the Agility class this weekend!
2020-08-22 Conratulations to Ulrika and Poppy (Riverbreeze Blaze Of Joy) for 1 prize today at Toller Field Trail
2020_08-17 New photos of Baloo, Chili & Maja
2020-08-05 Updated with photos for Cash, Midas, Poppy, Milo, Mixa, Myy, Sia & Viggo
2019-09-16 Congratulations to Nova (Riverbreeze Blaze Of Grace) for 1 prize game tracking open class
2019-09-12 Congratulations to Patrik and Milo (Riverbreeze Smoooth Hunter) for 2x 1 prize game tracking open class
I have also updated the page for Play (Riverbreeze No Daubt)
2019 -08-02 Congratulations to Kristina & Hobbe (Riverbreeze Dream Team Apach) that recieved a 3 prize in Elite class Toller Field Trail at The Toller Specialty in Sälen
2019 -07-21 Congratulations to Hanna and Myy (Riverbreeze Smoothie Moonbeam) Today BOS with CAC at Hyvinkää All Breed Show in Finland. Congras also to Cash (Riverbreeze Smoooth Cash Cash) that took nother 1 prize with honory prize last week and is now game tracking champion, SE VCH.
2019-06-14 Congratulations to the litttermates Riverbreeze Smoooth Cash Cash" & Riverbreeze Smoothie Moonbeam "Myy"! Cash was BOB on Sunday in Sweden and Myy was BOB on Saturday in Finland. 
2019-05-19 Congratulations to Riverbreeze Smoothie Harmony, CAC and second best bitch today.
2019-05-18 Conratulation to Riverbreeze Smoooth Cash that got a 1st prize with Honory prize in Game Tracking Open class
Have also made new pages for the puppis
2019-05-04 Congratulations to Riverbreeze Smoooth Hunter,, Excellent Jkl 28th of April
Congratulations also to Riverbreeze No Doubt, SE V-19, 2019-04-20
2019-02-22 Updated planned litter 2019
2019-01-10 Izac (Riverbreeze Dream Team Kiowa) Best Of Breed (BOB) both days on My Dog 2019 and Lycka (Riverbreeze Blaze Of Glory)   4th Best Bitch on Saturday . Congratulations to you both!

2018-12-02 New planned litter for spring 2019
2018-11-30 Milo and Cash have been approved in Game Tracking aptitude class and Mixa has been approved on Eucalyptus in Nosework
2018-10-24 Jessica and Izac did it again, another prize in Toller field trail, congratulation!
2018-09-09 Congratulation to both Mixa and Sia, both BOB-puppies last week!
2018-08-13 New results for the kennel: Milo BOB and BIS-2 puppy, Myy second best puppy at the Finnish Specialty & 1 prize Open class Game tracking for Tyra, BIG congratulations to all!
2018-07-17 Milo become BOB and BIG1 puppy , Congrats to Milo, Sara and Patrik!
2018-07-01 Midas become BOB in Borås today!
2018-06-26 Congratulations to Silje-Mari and Nacho, BIS-2 & BOB-puppy
2018-06-19 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren, Lycka is now also Swedish Champion in conformation
2018-04-08 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren for one more Champion title
2018-03-22 The puppies in litter 9 have got their own pages
2017-12-08 Congratulations to Iren and Lycka that have got a new titel in agility AgD1! I have also updated Midas page with his results of the DNA-tests
2017-11-04 Uppdatd with new photos of Midas, Tyra och Elsa
2017-09-13 Updated "Planned litter" and new photos of Midas
2017-08-14 Results from the Tollarspecialen 2017 for Hobbe & Izac
2017-07-30 Congratulations to Kristina and Hobbe for 1 prize in Toller Field Trail Openclass
2017-05-29 Congratulations to Anna and Nova that are now approved in Game tracking apptitude class
2017-05-21 New pages for the puppies and a new photo of Chaplin
2017-05-02 New photos of Vira 14 years in august and still going strong
2017-04-23 Congratulations to Ulrika and Poppy for being Champion in Gametracking and a 1 prize in Obedience beginner class!
2017-04-02 New photos of Milo
2017-02-15 New photos of Midas and Nova
2017-02-11 Last puppy in litter 7 is now also X-rayed, I am so happy for the results (all are A)
2017-01-22 Updated with new litter that´s planned
2017-01-17 DE and JADD test results for Milo
2017-01-13 Nova X-rayed, HD: A and ED: 0/0 and new photos of Poppy and Chaplin
2017-01-11 Show results for Midas
2016-12-16 New photos of Midas, Tyra & Elsa
2016-12-14 Poppy X-ray HD: A & ED: 0/0 (Litter 7)
2016-11-24 Lycka X-ray HD: A & ED: 0/0
2016-10-15 Tyra & Midas X-ray, HD: A & ED: 0/0 for both Congrats to Lycka, third best bitch and res_CACIB
2016-09-11 Updates for Poppy, Lycka, Tyra, Hobbe & Knut
2016-07-29 Kennel Riverbreeze got a new champion today, congratulations to Midas !
2016-07-15 Congratulations Midas for one more 1 prize with Honory Prize in Game tracking! New photos of Chaplin
2016-07-11 Congratulations Midas for 1 prize with Honory Prize in Game tracking Open class, new photos of Mille
2016-06-26 Kennel Riverbreeze got a new champion today, congratulations to Lycka and her owner Iren!
2016-06-09 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren, 1 prize Game Tracking Openclass, new photos of Nova and Midas
2016-06-04 Congratulations to Lycka and Iren, BOB CAC in conformation today and Game Tracking: 2016-05-25 Approved aptitude class !!
2016-05-25 Updated with results and photos for Midas, Lycka and Poppy
2016-04-17 Updated results and new photos for Izac, Tyra, Nova, Lycka and Poppy
Breeding group Conformation 2014.04.09 BIS-4
2016-01-09 Congratulations to Jessica & Izac och Mollan & Tyra,
Izac BOB both days on My Dog and Tyra BOB-puppy both days!

2015-11-01 Congratulations to Jessica and Izac that got a 2 prize at the debute in Elite Class Toller Field Trail!
2015-09-30 Uppdated the pages for Milo, Midas & Tyra with new photos
2015-08-25 Congrats to Tessie SWEDISH TOLLINGTESTTOLLER OF THE YEAR (2015)!
We also congrats Hobbe for 1 prize Toller Field Trail NKL and Izac 1 prize Toller Field Trail Open class
We are very proud of you all!!!

2015-05-27 The puppies 6 weeks old     
2015-05-18 The puppies 5 weeks old           
2015-05-01 New Photos of the puppies
2015-04-30 Congrats to Hobbe and Kristina for one more 1 prize in LKL 2 and yet another title LP 2, new Photos of the puppies 2 weeks old
2015-04-20 Photos of the puppies
2015-02-12 We are expecting puppies in the middle of April
Congratulations to Jessica and Izac, Best of Breed at "My Dog" dogshow in Gothenburg Januari 3
2014-09-22 Tessie is now SE J(T)CH (Toller Field Champion) Congrats Marie, you two are a fantastic team!
Congrats also to Izac & Jessica , 3 prize Toller Field Trail Open Class !
2014 August, Results from the Toller Specialty:
Tessie & Marie, 1 prizeToller Field Trail (Officiell) Elite class and 3:d place Tollermaster 2014
Izac och Jessica, 3 prize Open class Toller field trail (Officiell and Best male confirmation hunting class (24 dogs)
2014-07-11 Congats to Annette and Mille to SU(u)CH (show champion)
2014-07-10 Congratulations to Izac och Jessica, now Gametracking Champion!
New photo of Hobbe
2014-05-12 Congrats to Kristina & Hobbe for second price Toller Field Trai and LPl, congrats also to Jessica and Izac for another 2 price Toller Field Trail
2014-05-04 Congrats to Jessica and Izac, BIS Working class on Saturday and BOB and BIS 4on Sunday. The next weekend they got 2 prizeTolling Hunting test both days!
Congrats also to Annette and Mille , BIS Working class!
New photos of Mika, thx Christoph! And congrats Lotta and Milo BOB inoff yesterday!
2014-01-23 Congratulations to Izac och Jessica for CAC and second best male, SSK show My Dog 2014
2013-11-13 Mio has been on his first show, result and critisism here
2013-11-07 New photos of Chaplin, Mio, Poppe and Wunja
2013-10-21 Congratulations to Izac och Jessica for 1 prize at Toller Field Trai, Congratulationsalso to Kristina and Hobbe 196/200 points, 1 prize and winner of the class (Obedience LKL 1)
2013-09-21 Congratulations to Izac och Jessica for 2 prize at Toller Field Trail and Approved aptitude class in Game Tracking!
2013-08-26 Congratulations to Kristina and Hobbe , Game Tracking Toller 2013, Champion (show) and BOB on Saturday and Sunday. Congrats also to Jessica och Izac best open class male and BOS Openclass and 4 best male all classes at the Swedsish Specialty . Congras also to the stars Marie och Tessie Third place Toller master and second prize Elite class Tolling hunting test at the Swedish Specialty 2013
2013-06-19 CONGRATULATIONS to Hobbe and Kristina for the result at SKK Internationell dogshow, BOS, Best male, CAC and CACIB! New photos of Izac , Hugo och Poppe..
2013-05-19 CONGRATULATIONS to Marie and Tessie 1 prize and best dog at Toller Field Trail (Officiell) Elite class(Denmark)
Congrats also to Håkan & Mille , third best dog at Game tracking inp Åland (Finland) and to Hobbe, Izac and Leia for very good results in conformation (show) Have also put in new photos on Knut, Leia, Magic och Mio.
2013-03-31 New photos of Izac and Hugo
2012-11-10 Big congrats to Hobbe and Kristina, 1 prize with honory prize and Game tracking Champion today
Big congrates also to Vilma and Gunilla for 1 prize Game Tracking!
2012-11-02 Congratulations toHobbe and Kristina for another 1 prize Game Tracking! Have also updated his page with the results for HD and ED.
2012-10-24 Congratulations to Chaplin, 13 years old today!
Congratulations also to Magic and Caroline for 1 prize and best dog at Toller Field Trailin Halmstad.
And to Hobbe and Kristina for 1 prize Game Tracking!
Info about planned litter
2012-08-05 Congratulations to Marie and Tessie for 3 prize in Elite Class Toller Field Trail!
Have also updated the pages for Hobbe, Izac, Milo, Chaplin, Poppe, Mio and Wunja.

2012-07-07 Updates for Delphi, Mille, Råsa, Zorro, Tessie and Milo
MiloDelphi 8 years old
2012-07-06 Updates for Hobbe & Izac
2012-01-29 New photos of Hobbe & Izac
2011-08-18 Congratulations to Mille & Håkan for the new Chamoion title! New pages for the puppies
2011-08-06 Congratulations to Mille & Annette,Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 1 priz, best dog and best tolling
New photos of the puppies,
2011-07-18 Congratulations to Delphi and Helle for the new Championship and to Mille and Annette for the show result. New photos of the puppies, Leia and Magic.2011-06-29 New photos of Chaplin, Mio, Poppe and Wunja
2011-06-12 New photos of Leia
2011-06-11 New photos of Magic, Mio, Chaplin, Leia and Poppe
2011-05-31 Congratulations to Måzart & Therese for Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 3 prize
Zoya and Sophie, ELITE class tracking, and litter 3, 5 years 29th of May
2011-05-28 Congratulations to Mille & Annette,Toller Field Trail: (Officiell) 2 prize
2011-05-16 New litter will be born in the beginning of July. If you are looking for a dog to work with read more here!
2011-04-10 Happy birthday litter 2
2011-04-06 Happy birthday litter 5!
2011-03-09 New litter plans and new photos of Hugo
2011-01-02 Hugs and kisses to Poppe & Wunja, 10 years old today!
2010-10-24 Hugs and kisses to our Chaplin , 11 years old today!!
Chaplin september 2010
Riverbreeze Key Of Victory "Mille" and Annette for 2 pize Toller Field Trail (Officiell) today!
SVCh Riverbreeze Tickling Pearl "Tessie" and Marie for 1 prize open class at the Toller Specialty Toller Field Trail (Officiell)
RØM DKLPCH LP1 LP2 LP3 Rally-B Riverbreeze Sweet Delphi De Chawu "Delphi" and Helle winner of øvet klasse and yet another title!
2010-05-30 Welcome to our new girl, Leia!!
Criticism from Måzart´s Toller Field Trail
Congratulations to Sophie & Zoya , now competing in higher class tracking!!!
Happy Birthday to litter 3!!
2010-05-17 New photos of the puppies
2010-04-25 New photos of the puppies
2010-04-25 Congratulations to Hugo and Alice, Best beginner of the year (2009) in agility Orust bk.
2010-04-24 Congratulations to the littermates Måzart and Tessie for the results on the Toller Field Trail. Måzart, 2 prize beginner class and Tessie1 prize open class.
Congratulations also to Delphi for the new title Rally-B , she got max. points (100) and second best dog (29 dogs).
2010-04-10 High FIVE litter 2!! It´s your big day today, CONGRATULATIONS!
2010-04-09 Puppies are born!
Misty is x-rayed
2009-12-02 CONGRATULATIONS to Sophie and Zoya for the fine results!
2010-01-15 New photos of Zoya!
2010-01-02 CONGRATULATIONS to Poppe & Wunja, 9 years today!
2009-12-02 CONGRATULATIONS again to Sophie and Zoya for another new result! New photos of Mille.
2009-11-01 CONGRATULATIONS to Måzart, BOB, CERT, CACIB and Champion today! CONGRATULATIONS again to Sophie and Zoya for another new result!

Chaplin 10 years old
2009-10-11 New photos of Märta
2009-10-02 CONGRATULATIONS again to Sophie and Zoya for another new result! Also new photos of Zoya.
2009-09-30 Happy birthday, litter 4!
2009-09-25 CONGRATULATIONS to Sophie and Zoya for the new result!
2009-09-20 CONGRATULATIONS to Caroline and Magic for the result in the Toller Field Trail this weekend!
2009-09-18 New photos here
2009-09-06 Retrieving photos of Magic
2009-09-03 New photos of Zoya
2009 08-27 CONGRATULATIONS to Magic, Caroline and Elina for the new showresult!
2009-08-02 CONGRATULATIONS to Magic, Caroline and Elina for todays showresult!
2009-07-29 CONGRATULATIONS to Sofia and Sirius for all the fine results! Both X-ray and Gametracking.
New videoclip on Mika, thank´s Christoph! Congratulations also to Måzart who has been the father of eight puppies at kennel Gesalatis, congratulations also to the breeder Louise!
2009-07-25 New photos of Moa, Mio, Chaplin, Poppe and Wunja
2009-07-11 New film
2009-07-05 Uppdates for Delphi,  NinjaSushi,  Chaplin,  Mio, Poppe  and Wunja
2009-07-02 Råsa  got 5 puppies at kennel Star Wars 28th of June. CONGRATULATIONS!!
2009-06-24 New photos here
2009-06-24 HD & ED-result for Magic
2009-06-23 All the photos in the web gallery are now in better resolution.
2009-06-22 Uppdates for Hugo, Knut, Magic, Märta and Sirius
2009-06-21 Congratulations to Poppes son Lucky Ducks Balder who now is Norwegian Champion!
2009-06-19 Photos from the toller assessment on young dogs (litter 5)

2009-06-16 Tenna is DNA- tested for prcd-PRA  We have had Toller assessment on young dogs for litter 5. Thank´s to all that was involved this day! More photos will come later.

Markeringen, KnutInformation
2009-06-08 Photos here
2009-06-03 New photos of Mille
2009-06-01 Congratulations to Nina och Anton!   Anton,( Pepper's son) was yesterday BIS-junior at the Norweigian Toller Speciaty!
2009-05-29 Happy birthday to litter 3!
2009-05-19 Mio  has got new plaster-bandage. Hopefully he gets rid of it in four weeks.
Poppe got a 1 prize with Honory prize last Sunday.(he was stand-in for Mio who is injured)


Riverbreeze Magic Fire "Mio"