Litter 7 - SE U(u)CH SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Fire "Midas"

Regnr: SE28023/2015
Born: 2015-04-13
E: J SE(u)CH SE VCH NVCH Riverbreeze Key Of Victory "Mille" U:Acka Vikings Hermione "Leia"
HD: A, ED: 0/0, Eyes: PRA-prcd: B,, Eye-examination August 2017: Clear
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Cleared by Parentage
Juvenile Addison's Disease (JADD): N/N, Normal - no copies of the JADD mutation are present
Chondrodystrophy (CDDY): N/N, No copies of CDDY mutation
CDMC - Cerebellar Degeneration and Myosit Complex: N/N (Clear)
Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM): N/N (Clear)

Owner: Yvonne Altemark (Kennel Riverbreeze)
28 puppies in Sweden (Blazing Fowlers, Chroje, Bluenosers, West Coast tollers)
16 puppies in Norway (Multestua, Tollertunet's)
6 puppies in Denmark (Red Starlight´s)
9 puppies in Finland (Waterfox)
4 puppies in Netherlands (Alba Nuadh)
Statistic of HD and ED and photos here


Swedish show champion SE(u)CH
Swedish champion Game Tracking SE VCH !
(3 x 1 prize with Honory prize Open class)

Conformation: SKK, Vänersborg 2021-09-19 BOB, CAC & Nordic CAC Judge. Nina Lönner_Andersson
Conformation: SKK, Backamo 2021-08-23 BOB, CAC and CACIB & qualified to Crufts Judge: Moa Persson
Conformation: SKK, Backamo 2021-08-22 Excellent and winner of the class Judge: Eva Liljekvist Borg
Conformation: SKK, Vänersborg 2019-06-09, Second best male reserve-cac, Judge: Pehar Tino
Conformation: SKK  Tvååker 2018-07-07 Excellent reserve-cac, Judge: Henric Fryckstrand
Conformation: SKK Tvååker 2018-07-06 Excellent reserve-cac, Judge: Phil Thompson
Conformation: SKK Borås 2018-07-01, BOB, CAC, Judge: Satu Ylä-Mononen (Finland) Critisism
Conformation: My Dog 2017-01-07 Exellent CK, best male UKL, Judge: Svante Frisk
Game Tracking: 2016-07-29 1 Prize with Honory Prize Open class, Judge: Björn Johansson
Game Tracking: 2016-07-18, 2 prize
Game Tracking: 2016-07-13, 1 Prize with Honory Prize Open class, Judge: Lars Brungs
Game Tracking: 2016-07-11, 1 Prize with Honory Prize Open class, Judge: Ingvar Blom
Game Tracking: 2016-07-10 Approved aptitude class, Judge: Lars Brungs
Conformation: 2015-11-29 HP, BOS puppy
Conformation: 2015-11-07 SSRK, HP, BOS puppy Judge: Dan Ericsson


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