Litter 7 - SE VCH Riverbreeze Blaze Of Joy "Poppy"

Regnr: SE28026/2015
Born: 2015-04-13
E: J SE(u)CH SE VCH NVCH Riverbreeze Key Of Victory "Mille" U:Acka Vikings Hermione "Leia"
HD: A, ED: 0/0, Eyes:
Degenerative Encephalopathy (DE) : Cleared by Parentage

Owner: Ulrica Åkerlund Umeå


Swedish champion Game Tracking SE VCH !

Game Tracking: 2017-04-23 1 prize Open class and CHAMPION
Obedience: 1 prize Beginner Class
Game Tracking: 2016-08-21, 1 prize Open class
2016-05-22: FB-R
Game Tracking: 2016-05-21 Approved aptitude class
Conformation: 2016-04-09 SSRK Excellent Judge: Frank Whyte


20 months oldPoppy 8 months oldPoppy 8 months oldPoppy 4,5 months oldPoppy 4,5 months oldPoppy 4,5 months oldPoppyPoppy